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     Lenape Solar is committed to providing homeowners with the most affordable and innovative energy solutions available, and solar thermal hot water systems are at the forefront of today's most cost-effective, renewable energy technologies. Solar thermal systems are capable of providing up to (or more than) 70% of your annual hot water needs, and homeowners can typically appreciate a payback on their wise investment in less than seven years ... all the while enjoying substantial savings on utility bills with clean, emission-free energy.
    Lenape Solar has extensive experience in custom solar thermal system installations, with projects ranging from single array hot water supplementation systems to fully-integrated systems supplying hot water and home heating.
Our solar thermal systems are specifically designed to meet each homeowner's needs,maximizing both energy savings and return on investment, and are expertly installed by certified technicians and backed by industry-leading warranties. Lenape Solar is also recognized as regional experts in renewable energy legislation, incentives and grants, and offers invaluable assistance in applying for or obtaining all available cost-reducing and payback-expediting programs.
  So, why choose Lenape Solar?
How Solar Thermal Energy Works
     Basically, solar thermal energy
systems utilize a series of evacuated
tube "collectors" to convert the sun's rays into usable hot water, which
can then very efficiently be used for
domestic hot water use, space
heating, radiant floor heating and
even pool or spa heating.
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